Fleas, fleas, fleas

Fleas, fleas, fleas

I know I’ve commented before on how I’m not the most organized person in the world. Really, I’m not very organized at all. However, I usually know where everything is when I need it, and I usually keep my house pretty clean. It won’t ever grace the cover of Good Housekeeping, but it’s not that bad. Certainly not to the level of dirtiness that I would have thought necessary for a flea infestation. Yes, you read that right. A flea infestation.

It all started, I think, when we agreed to watch a friend’s cat. We don’t know for sure that the fleas came from that cat, but we are pretty sure. Anyway, I didn’t realize we had a problem until one day when I had just groomed my sweet little yorkie-poo, and she was sitting on my lap, and I noticed a black bug crawling around under her fur. Hmmmmm. I thought maybe it was one of those little annoying black flies that get through the window screens at night. But then I saw another one. And another one. And pretty soon I realized I had a problem.

Fleas were the problem. But there was another problem. Cece (our sweet little yorkie-poo) was pregnant. My first instinct was to bathe the dog, cats, and house in pesticides to kill everything, but with a pregnant dog, I was a little nervous about that. What to do, what to do. Well, I did a bit of online research, focusing on websites that claimed they had “all natural” treatments for fleas, and decided how to proceed. I bathed Cece, removed every flea I could find (she was covered in flea bites – it was really sad – and I killed over 30 fleas between the bath and picking them off of her) and then doused her in apple cider vinegar, which ALL of the all-natural sites assured me would be immediately toxic to any remaining fleas. I also put Frontline on all the cats because, well, they weren’t pregnant (we have four cats, and that’s definitely a topic for another blog post). After the apple cider vinegar dried, I combed through her again, only to discover many, many more very alive fleas crawling around through her fur. So much for immediately toxic.

As often happens when we have some kind of medical crisis, this all happened on a Friday night. Frontline says its safe for pregnant and nursing dogs, but I would really have felt more comfortable talking to the vet first. My choices were to comb through and try to kill as many fleas as possible over the weekend, fully knowing that the infestation is just going to keep getting worse, and then call the vet on Monday; or I could just trust the packaging and put the Frontline on her and hope for the best. I chose the second option because patience isn’t my strong suit.

Then I washed and vacuumed everything, and continued to do so for several days. I kept combing through the dog and picking off fleas, and then one day I didn’t see anymore fleas. Yay! So I assumed all my troubles were over and went on with life as normal. And then, three weeks later, the night before my 24th Anniversary…….. (to be continued)

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