Trying to actually start school

Trying to actually start school

Well, here we are, two weeks into the school year and we’ve barely started. Our darling little doggie had puppies. Seven to be exact. Seven!!!! Way more puppies than I thought she would possibly have. Our yorkie-poo is only 8.5 pounds, and in her last litter she only had two puppies. This time we bred her to a toy poodle, and I was hoping for maybe 3 or 4 puppies.

It seems that this school year is just going to be more chaotic than normal. Given how low the bar for “normal” has already been set during my homeschooling journey, that’s saying a lot. And I’m nervous about trying to actually get on a schedule because I know in a few weeks I’m going to have seven little puppies running all over the house. Those seven puppies, plus their mother, plus our four cats, makes (let me think for a minute) TWELVE total animals meandering around at any given time. And our house is only 1200 square feet. Not exactly the most conducive to getting school work done.

But somehow we will get through it all. And somehow the school year will get started and the kids will learn something. Even if what they learn is how to do as little school as possible. We will get through this and everything will be ok.

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